Being a Christian in today's world is very hard. But do not let that scare you, anything worthwhile is worth working for. Being a Christian can be hard but it can also be fun. That is my objective, through my own stories, stories of my friends and a lot of plagiarism (Just kidding, only a little plagiarism.), I am going to show that you can be a Christian and still have fun!

the most wasted of all days is one without
laughter - e e cummings

Thursday, August 11, 2005


My friend Old Guy, over at Old Guys Tree House, said in one of his posts that he had nuthin. Nuthing to say that is. Me I have plenty to say, I am just STUCK. I want to talk about what is happening in my life but I have been doing that a little to much lately. I like to keep things on my blog a little light hearted. What I have been trying to do is post something personal then later in the week steal something funny from someone else and post it then. I mean, uh, borrow something from someone. Yeah, yeah that's the ticket. So I am stuck. Oh well at least I ain't stuck like the little guy in the picture.
Have a great day.
God bless,



At 7:10 PM, Anonymous OldGuy said...

Hey Joe

Sorry you're stuck.

Feel free to borrow anything you want, my door's always open :)

At 5:34 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I love the expression of determination mixed with panic children get on their faces when they are in difficult situations!

Good picture!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Bar Bar A said...


It's okay to talk about yourself or whatever you want on your blog...but I know what you mean. Sometimes I write without thinking on mine and then wonder who in the world would want to read it. For me, blogging is a from of therapy, a way to think things through and an opportunity to encourage and be encouraged by people I never would have met otherwise.

I ALWAYS enjoy your blog no matter what you talk about. I'm still praying for you and your medical issues, etc.

God bless you :)

At 5:04 PM, Blogger jessica said...

great blog!!

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Rodney Olsen said...

When I write serious stuff people find it funny anyway so just give it a go.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Ron said...

Nice to meet you Joe! This is the first time I have been to your site. I like it! I also like the various bloggers you have listed. Am looking forward to getting to know you better! Feel free to stop by my blog and give me your thoughts.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger steve said...

Thanks for stopping by Brother. Good to meet other Christians!

God Bless!

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Paula said...

I think you're doing a great job. Your site reminds me to keep it real! Keep blogging brother.

Your Sister In Christ,


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