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the most wasted of all days is one without
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Monday, June 26, 2006

  Good News!

I am tired of hearing about all the bad news going on in the world, it depresses me. I mean I know bad things happen but why does everyone always dwell on such things. Why isn't there a TV new channel that shares only good news. I am sure there is such I thing on TV but I have yet to see it .

Anyway, I have always been told if you have a problem don't complain about it, do something about it. So I have had an idea, I have been thinking about something and I wanted your opinion. My friend, Present Storm does this thing called Wordless Wednesday. That is where you post a picture and that is all, just let people comment about it. Then there is Thursday Thirteen. You tell thirteen things about a certain subject. My idea is to have a day set aside where you post about something good that has happened to you, or a friend or something that was just plain good that week. I know we do that now, that whenever something good happens we post about it. But what about the little things, the things that you would just let go and not think about it twice. On second thought maybe this is a stupid idea. I thought about calling it Super News Sunday or Marvelous News Monday, I don't know I am not good at coming up with cool phrases. Like I said, maybe it was a stupid idea.

Anyway, I am going to start with this little thing that almost went right over my head. I was at my co-ed softball game last week and the pitcher from my team asked if I had had a chance to look at his new blog. I told him I glanced at it briefly but I was going to look at it more closely when I had a chance. He told me I really needed to check it out because it was because of me and my blog that he start blogging. I took me a day or two to realize what he had said. It was because of my blog he started blogging. I always wondered if my blog ever encouraged anyone. I am not bragging by no means, I am just glad God saw fit to use my blog as an encouragement to someone. So if you get a chance go see my buddy David's blog and tell him I sent you.

I have some really good news I wanted to save for last. My brother took a few kids to summer camp this past week and three of them got saved! One of them was my sister's son, Korey. How cool is that! Good news, good news, good news!!!

So there is my first Super News Sunday or is it Marelous News Monday, posted on Tuesday because tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and I have nothing for Thirteen Thursday.

Joe B

Good News!


At 9:36 AM, Blogger Guppyman said...

Good news?

Maybe over here? Happy News

Or maybe the good news is just how blessed we are? Let me know what you get going Joe....

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Bar Bar A said...

Yippee! GOOD NEWS is a good thing. And God is Good all the time!

At 10:42 PM, Blogger T. Suzanne Eller said...

Good news is always cool to share. And I love the wordless Wednesday post. :)

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Mountain Mama said...

I think this is goiung to be very interesting.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Wild1handy said...

there can never be enough good news in this world. Thank you for being an example for me to follow, both on and off the ballfield. God bless you, as you continue to walk with him.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of our early news stations is going to only lok at the positive. I think that is great.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I got started blogging because of the encouragement of a friend who was a blogger. Now I blog and he doesn't!

I enjoy it as a sort of journaling activity where I can express myself on topics that interest me.

I think that's a good thing!

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Vicki said...

Just popping in to see what's up! God bless and keep your face to the Son.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Traci said...

I love the idea! I'll check back soon to see if you've established a day. Or maybe the randomness could be a plus. Instead of surfing around every Sunday or Monday looking for good news, you could just happen across it any day of the week.
I'm also adopting the Wordless Wednesday.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Gina Burgess said...

Joe, this is an excellent idea!

Call it Mmmm Monday.
Magnificent, Marvelous, Miracle Monday. Only good news allowed!

My good news is a miracle from God. He changes hearts, those hearts who love Him. And there is great JOY beyond the grief.

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my husband drives me nuts with all the news he watches. I just can't handle the fact that all this bad stuff is going on. I'm not trying to be in denial, but just can't consume myse;lf with all the time.


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